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Tax Agent in UAE

Tax Agent

A tax agent is usually appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before the Federal tax authority. A tax agent takes care of the client’s tax obligations and performs various legal activities prescribed by the laws and orders.

Becoming a tax agent in UAE is no cakewalk. The FTA has set certain high standards that need to be met for you to attain the status of a tax agent. The person should be / have-

Fluent in Arabic and English
Experienced in the areas of taxation, accounting or law (minimum 3 years of practical experience)
Qualified with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in tax, accounting, or law from an accredited educational institution
Passed the FTA tests
Physically fit
Professional indemnity insurance
Clean conduct certificate, without any criminal records

Apart from the documents deemed mandatory, FTA has full authority to demand more documents, if they find it necessary. The status of your application, whether it is approved or rejected, will be notified to you within or after 15 working days. If approved, your application will be registered in a span of 5 working days. If a registered tax agent stops practising due to any reason, he should notify FTA regarding the same.

A Tax agent acts as a mediator between Federal Tax Authority and taxable persons in the emirates.

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