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Organizational Consultancy

Organizational Consultancy

Our Organizational Consultancy division undertakes Strategic and Operational consulting engagements that help our clients to run their business efficiently, improve operational effectiveness, and achieve business growth. We primarily focus on two core areas – People and Processes, and work with our clients to develop bespoke solutions that address their challenges in these areas.
Our unique bottom-up approach in our engagements enables us to find root causes of issues concerning the organization and we are able to provide our clients with customized solutions that are effective, practical and implementable.

Our services include

Strategy Consultancy

Our team offers clients, innovative and effective solutions in the area of Business Strategy. This involves co-creation of our clients’ Vision and Strategies, putting in place the right structure and environment to implement the strategy and then working with the client teams to achieve the change.

Business Strategy – We help business owners to define or redefine their business visions and strategic objectives. Based on these, we work with organizations to understand their business environment, their precise current and future business coordinates, and help them create a roadmap to attain their objectives.

Organizational Structure Design and Development – Based on the strategic plans finalized, we design the best suited organizational structure that can support the plans. This includes evaluating the existing structure for its effectiveness, creating new structure, and defining roles, responsibilities and authority levels across various positions.

Transformation and Change Management – To ensure that the strategies are effectively implemented on the ground, we support organizations in their transformation and change management processes. This involves extensive training and hand-holding sessions with employees at different levels, in order to enable them implement the new strategy and structure effectively.

Process Consultancy

Strong business processes are crucial for organizations to run their business effectively. Having good processes help organizations reduce their dependency on individuals. Good processes also help companies to scale up their operations and to be equipped to take on emerging market opportunities. We help our clients to set up processes and systems that will enable them to run their business with efficiency.

Standard Operating Procedures – Our team works with clients to understand their business processes, identify gaps, and create new processes that will help to bridge those gaps.

Preparation of Policy Manuals – We help our clients to create policy manuals across both Governance areas and Operational areas. At the Board level, we help companies prepare their Corporate Governance Manuals and Delegation of Authority Matrix. In operational areas, we prepare manuals covering various functions such as Finance, Sales, Human Resources, IT and Procurement.

Design of Internal Control Systems – We prepare Internal control Systems for companies in order to ensure that SOPs are properly implemented. We also design review systems and MIS reports. This is a preceding step to enable effective internal audits / controls.

Prep-up for ERP implementation – ERP prep-up is done usually for companies that are planning to implement an ERP from scratch or planning to migrate to a significantly different ERP from what they have. We identify tasks that need to be automated based on the business processes mapped, and help organizations to prepare a brief to different ERP vendors. Respective ERP capabilities are then evaluated, and we can help clients to identify the best option.

Human Resources Consultancy

Performance Management Systems – An effective Performance Management System helps to set clear objectives and helps employees to prioritize their tasks based on the organization’s priorities. We objectively capture employee performance, and avoid bias in ratings and this works as a very effective internal business review tool. Our consultants also help to implement the Performance Management Systems by participating in employee reviews.

Competency Assessments – We help our clients to make assessments of employee competencies so that staff across the company are equipped with the requisite competencies for their positions. Assessments are done by defining competency requirements across different positions, interviewing or testing employees and identifying available gaps in competencies. Based on most significant and commonly identified gaps, a Training Need Analysis is prepared and shared with the management.

Design of HR Management Systems – HR Management systems comprise definition of grades across positions, aligning compensation and benefits to grades, defining employee career paths, reward systems, retention plans etc.

Investment Support Services

We offer a variety of options for clients who seek investment related services. These activities can be done either as a single package or as separate activities, depending on client requirements. These include several activities such as:

Business Plans and Information Memorandum preparation – This involves understanding the client’s business idea / plan, presenting this in a well-defined format with analysis of the market, competition, customer preferences, trends etc. and other analysis of SWOT, Risks etc. Various assumptions are made regarding variables that impact the business projections, and extensive workings are done to arrive at projected Income statements, Cash flows and Balance sheets.

Business Valuation – Based on the Business Plan and analysis, a valuation of the business can be proposed to potential investors. Internal evaluations of projects can also be done for companies using a similar approach.

Feasibility Studies – We undertake specific feasibility studies for clients who seek to invest in specific projects, expand their operations, offer new service lines etc

Field Based Services

Apart from the core services that we carry out, we offer some specialized services to our clients in niche areas. These primarily involve field-based services of varying nature. These include the following.

Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management Consultancy – We help organizations to prepare sales, marketing and distribution plans for launch of new products or entry into new markets.

Operational Audits – We work with organizations to help audit their internal operations – this typically involves understanding the operating processes, and through meetings and analysis of operational processes followed on the ground, understanding gaps and making change recommendations.

Inventory Management Services – We analyze inventory situations at organizations, and identify gaps in processes and controls and methods to optimize inventory levels. This includes both analytical work and physical visits to storage locations, including participation in inventory counts if needed.

Market Audits – Market audits involve mapping the organization’s points of sale, mapping the market universe (i.e. all points of sale, including those of competitors), deploying teams to physically visit the market and by carrying out audits in various areas depending on the client’s requirements.

Mystery Audits – Mystery audits are services performed primarily for our clients in the retail sector. This involves deploying mystery customers to visit retail locations and carrying out audits across various parameters that pertain to the customer experience in the retail outlets.

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