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HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

HLB Hamt provides innovative client support services in all areas of recruitment and associated services across a wide variety of industry sectors, with proven expertise in each aspect of the lifecycle of recruitment. In order to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment.
We employ the best corporate executive recruitment strategies in recruiting and seek to establish a relationship and understanding with our clients.

Why HLB Hamt?

Securing the best talent
Well experienced in- house HR specialists and highly defined recruiting strategies throughout the campaign
Dedicated resourcing team with extensive knowledge of local and regional market
Quality and reliability
Well represented client image and reputation
Shorter length of the executive search process
Minimized recruitment cost
Observing meticulous confidentiality throughout the executive search process

Our services

Recruitment Process management and placement
Job analysis; to identify the type of candidate based on the skills and experience required.
Job and candidate profile creation (Roles and responsibilities)
Designing HR Systems and Process frame work
Salary Benchmarking and designing compensation structure
Competency based Interview Assessments and pre screening
Back ground checking
Designing employment contracts

Our Methodology of recruitment process :

Initial Phase
The first step of any search assignment begins with the establishment of specific requirements for the position(s) being assigned. A job description is formulated to include the responsibilities and duties that the potential employee will be expected to perform. A listing of candidate qualifications is then established for work experience, educational background and personal attributes needed to excel within the company structure. When possible, an identification of target companies with similar positions is referenced to begin the recruitment process.

Search & Selection
The search unit does and exhaustive search of our firm’s comprehensive and confidential database. We also advertise in different media to attract new CVs specific to the requirement. The prospective candidates are initially screened over telephone to verify some of the details in their resume and ascertain their interest. Personal interviews are then conducted for those individuals who are found most appropriate and willing to evaluate the competencies required. We present to the client only those candidates who match the specific requirements for the position.

Effective communication with the client is the key to successful completion of any search project. In addition to informal updates, clients receive progress summaries as frequently as requested. This enables us to make any modifications or additions to the search early in the process. We remain in contact with potential hires and act as a liaison to ensure that timely interviews are scheduled, assistance for making travel arrangements, and the needs and expectations of both parties are effectively communicated.

Once a candidate selection is made, we can act as a conduit to minimize and resolve any issues that may arise during the offer process. We work very closely with client till the candidate joins the Organization.

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