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Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management

It’s not easy to manage fixed assets. The movement of assets and addition of assets should be recorded properly. Many business face significant challenges in tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation of the assets.
Our experts will help you manage your assets professionally and keep track of your assets. Our expert team will help you classify assets and sub assets based on the hierarchy, location etc.
Be it small or large organization, service or manufacturing, fixed assets are an integral part of every business. It is important for every business to have a fixed asset register and maintain it properly. It helps business to reduce cost, detecting and preventing from fraud, maximize your asset value and in decision making.

Fixed Asset Management Services

Preparation of fixed asset register
Fixed asset management
Fixed asset reconciliation
Asset tagging service

Benefits of having a fixed asset register

Calculation of annual depreciation
Helps in keeping a track of your assets
Will help in proper budgeting and cash flow regarding maintenance of assets, upgrading assets and replacement of assets
Prevention of fraud and theft of assets
Helps at the time of audit for credible opinion on assets
Helps to organize and keep the complete listing of the assets

Fixed asset tagging

We will help you tag your assets to keep track of it. From bar code tags to metal and most sophisticated RFID tags which can track asset movements.

Fixed asset Reconciliation

Every business must have an accurate record of fixed asset for making sound business decisions and ensure that there is no excess spending on fixed asset. It is very important to have your fixed assets reconciled periodically to ensure that the assets are intact and utilized. It also helps to locate the unused assets, missing assets and obsolete assets.


Our expert team will help you manage your fixed assets professionally by reducing time and cost. From preparing an asset register to managing it regularly by tracking the movement of assets, our team has proven records in managing large number of fixed assets of clients spread across various industries such as:

Health Care
Trading and Warehouse

Business Destinations
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