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Field Based Services.

Field Based Services.

Apart from the core services that we carry out, we offer some specialized services to our clients in niche areas. These primarily involve field-based services of varying nature. These include the following.

  • Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management Consultancy – We help organizations to prepare sales, marketing and distribution plans for launch of new products or entry into new markets

  • Inventory Management Services – We analyze inventory situations at organizations, and identify gaps in processes and controls and methods to optimize inventory levels. This includes both analytical work and physical visits to storage locations, including participation in inventory counts if needed.

  • Market Audits – Market audits involve mapping the organization’s points of sale, mapping the market universe (i.e. all points of sale, including those of competitors), deploying teams to physically visit the market and by carrying out audits in various areas depending on the client’s requirements.

  • Mystery Audits – Mystery audits are services performed primarily for our clients in the retail sector. This involves deploying mystery customers to visit retail locations and carrying out audits across various parameters that pertain to the customer experience in the retail outlets.

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