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Due Diligence, a Vital Element in M & A

HP’s $11.1 billion acquisition of Autonomy was one of the biggest tech acquisitions in history. What actually stole the headlines is not the news of acquisition or the money involved, but HP’s decision a year later to write down $9 billion of its $11.1 billion acquisition. One might wonder the reason behind such a crucial [...]
Outsource Internal Audit in UAE

Why you should Outsource Internal Auditing

A successful enterprise is the one that is on a constant lookout for improvements in its operations, thus adding value to the firm. While majority of the companies strive for excellence, there are numerous others that remain stagnant for year or decades. What they lack is a systematic, disciplined approach, that can be made possible [...]

VAT Refund Scheme for UAE Tourists

Tourists visiting UAE do not have to bear the burden of VAT, commencing from November 2018. Even though they will have to pay VAT while making the purchase, they can reclaim the amount upon leaving the UAE. VAT refund scheme makes it possible for eligible tourists to receive a portion of the VAT as a [...]

How UAE is Planning to Steer its Development with these Pioneering Strategies

UAE, one among the fastest progressing countries in the world, is on a constant lookout for strategies and programs that will take the nation to the next era of development. These strategies focus on developments in almost every sector, be it healthcare, education, energy or economy. UAE Vision 2021 UAE Vision 2021, launched in 2010, aims [...]
Global Expo 2020

Expo: Success Beyond 2020

When global expos started in 1851, they were the only major international fairs in the world, and some of the world’s most famous and successful inventions were launched at these events. Look back as far as 1876, and the telephone was launched in Philadelphia. The x-ray machine was debuted in Buffalo in 1901, the broadcast [...]
Artificial intelligence and accounting

AI: The Future Of Accounting And Audit

Artificial intelligence has the potential to be a true game-changer for the professional services industry. It has two main purposes, which are to use the power of computers to augment human thinking, and to use a computer’s power to understand how humans think. Testing programmes for how they can solve problems is essence, cognitive science; [...]
global payroll services

How efficient is Global Payroll

Managing a company’s payroll might seem like a simple and straightforward process. But it may not be as easy as you believe. A small mistake is all it takes to cause reputational and financial damage. If handling the payroll of a company with a single office is this crucial and risk worthy, have you thought […]


Daily Exchange Rates by UAE Central Bank for VAT Purpose

In a recent public announcement, UAE Federal Tax Authority has clarified on the use of exchange rates for VAT purposes. If a currency other than Dirham is used on the VAT invoice, the amount needs to be converted to AED based on the exchange rates approved by the Central Bank of UAE. The UAE Central […]

Visa Changes

Are you Updated with the Visa Amendments in UAE?

Changes in visa regulations in UAE has been one of the hottest topics of discussion in the last few days. The UAE government has been coming up with various changes in the visa formalities, almost everyday and the best part is that these regulations are meant to make the lives of expats much easier. Let’s […]

Everything Comes at a Cost, so does Brand Promotion!

Gone are the days when you could promote your brands, businesses and products for free on social and electronic media in UAE. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy this privilege anymore! As per the new Electronic Media Regulations, paid influencers are required to obtain a licence from the National Media Council (NMC) to promote […]

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