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Cloud Accounting

Moving your Accounting to Cloud

Businesses have started to embrace cloud computing increasingly in the last couple of years, for their data storage needs. Accounting is no exemption. Cloud accounting is an efficient way to keep track of your business, that lets you access your company’s finances in real time. Data is stored on infrastructure that is far more powerful, […]

An Analysis of VAT Implementation in UAE

It’s been 120 days since the implementation of VAT in UAE and by now more than 275000 businesses have registered for VAT. The implementation being a novel one in UAE, the impact of it on the business sector is something that needs to be analysed. The fact that almost 99 percent of the UAE companies […]

A Question of Data Security

Maintaining high level of security around your business is extremely crucial since thousands of businesses are being exposed to security vulnerabilities every year. The security firm Embedi has recently discovered a vulnerability in the Smart Install feature of Cisco IOS Software and Cisco IOS XE Software, forcing Cisco to release software updates, including three critical […]

How Safe is your Personal Data Online?

Every day we wake up to an incident of data breach, be it massive or small. The alarming rise in the number of data breaches puts forth innumerable questions on the security of our data. Under Armour, a fitness apparel company, has made a shocking revelation that one of their renowned fitness apps, MyFitnessPal, has […]

Evaluating Your Payroll System

A payroll system streamlines and automates the process of paying a company’s employees. Accurate and timely payment of wages play a crucial role in the functioning of an enterprise and for this, an affordable, efficient and smooth payroll process is mandatory. The role of payroll system is not limited to calculating wages of employees; it […]

Business & IT Alignment.

In today’s technological era, data lies at the heart of an organization’s decision making. Technology plays a fundamental role in almost every aspect of business, providing insights that help you tackle key business challenges. CIOs and other IT leaders need to embrace technology into their business operations to stay relevant in the ever-changing corporate environment. […]

Impact of VAT on Consumers in UAE

All these years you would have enjoyed a tax-free life in the UAE, but with the introduction of VAT on January 1st, 2018, your life is bound to change. Even though the rate of VAT is as low as 5 percent, the cost of living is going to increase, which will have an adverse effect […]

Happy Employees are more Productive Employees

Do you happen to see chirpy faces at your workplace, beginning of every week? Or, do your employees come to office grudgingly with a gloomy, unpleasant face? If the former is correct in the case of your employees, that shows how successful your company is in maintaining a healthy and friendly environment. An employee who […]

Everything You Need to Know About Registering “Expat Will” In UAE

People spent the significant part of their life working very hard to earn for themselves and their beloved ones so that they can lead a happy and peaceful life. But ever imagined what will happen to your dear ones if you are no longer a part of this world? Yes, it is pretty hard to […]

9 significant highlights of 2017 – Financial Roundup

The year 2017 was a busy year, in terms of world politics. Big changes in the business world were also observed. These may play a significant role for large and small companies. Several important decisions which will impact businesses of all types were also made in 2017. Let’s learn about a few events that can […]

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