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Liquidation/De-registration Services

Liquidation/De-registration Services

We provide liquidation services for all entities – limited liability companies, free zone companies and offshore companies across Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah. We also assist in the preparation of Board resolution, power of attorney, audit report, liquidator’s statement etc., which are mandatory documents required for liquidation

Our services include :
Appointment as liquidator
Administer the liquidation process
Supervise asset disposals
Negotiations and settlement with creditors
Liaise with liquidation accountants
Process third party liquidation costs
Co-ordinating with various legal authorities and government departments
File de-registrations and other formal notifications
Administer the complete documentation
Preparation of statement of affairs
Supervise the on-going and liquidation specific accounting requirements

Liquidation Services

Want to exit from the formalities immediately?

An alternative solution to exit from the liquidation formalities is to transfer the shares from liquidating company to a third party. We can arrange a third party who will purchase the liquidating Company and deal with all matters related. This will help the removal of the shares from the company for the shareholders and directors.
Many investors prefer this solution since the liquidation proceedings are lengthy, time consuming and expensive.

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