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Internal Audit & Risk Assurance

Internal Audit And Control System Reviews

Internal audit ensures the better management of an enterprise by improving its governance, risk management and management controls. Internal auditing determines whether the business is on the right track and helps companies to accomplish their objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach.

Benefits of having a good internal audit system

Safeguards assets
Reduces the chance of fraud
Increases financial reliability and integrity
Enhances the efficiency of business operations
Ensures compliance with laws and regulations


Our service philosophy

Our experienced auditing team at HLB HAMT takes the risk-based approach to evaluate your organizational risks. We help you bring value to your organization by providing services tailored to your situation and needs. We have been helping hundreds of enterprises over decades in improving their business productivity and in moving their performance to the next level.

Risk Assessment Overview in interanal auditing and risk assurance

Our valuable insight and recommendations benefit enterprises achieve cost efficiencies in their internal audit functions. We assist companies navigate risks and elevate the role of Internal Audits with the help of our seasoned professionals, who are well-versed in financial and operational internal auditing, IT audits, fraud risk management and risk assessments.

What we do and Specialize

Understanding business objectives and risks
Complete internal audit outsourcing
Partial internal audit outsourcing
Risk assessments & audit plans
Staff sharing basis (supervisory and execution)
Assisting with change management and business awareness processes
Training and assisting staff
Revenue Assurance

Risk based approach in Internal audit

Establishing the Audit Universe

In order to establish an audit universe, our team has to obtain a complete understanding of the organization in terms of structure, roles performed by various departments, the authority delegation hierarchy etc. We will also study the external context of the company – in terms of the market and competition. The Audit Universe is defined as the sum of all Auditable Units, and these could include Finance, Human resources, Administration, Operations, Business Development, Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics etc.

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