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CEO’s Message

CEO's Message

Thank you for taking the time to learn about HLBI and its Member firm HLB Hamt.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to HLB International, one of the fastest growing networks of independent accounting and business advisers in the world.

To embark on a journey of success, one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. HLB has talented leaders throughout the network whose member firms provide both safe hands and cutting edge planning and specialty services designed solely to contribute to the success of each firm’s valued clients.

HLB Member firms’ practices are on the basis of their strong local knowledge and wide-ranging client base. What differentiates us, we focus on people, our clients and our staff. We believe that our clients are the center point of all we do and their satisfaction is our primary concern which is why we are focused on our staff.

Expertise in each client’s industry, personalized attention, value added service and client service team members who are committed to quality, integrity, and professionalism are key elements in how we serve each client.

International identity reflects, intentionally, a combination of the HLB and local names. Through HLB International, HLB Hamt is the independent member of the network that expands worldwide and caters to financial advisory services at both national and international levels through its 660 offices in 140 countries. This identity, applied consistently throughout the world, distinguishes HLB Hamt from the other leading accounting networks.

Member firms are well established locally with most firms ranked among the top ten nationally. Close contact is maintained between members through international referral engagements, regular meetings, bulletins and news flashes from the central office and through use of a global intranet, providing a wide range of data and including on-line training and seminars via the HLB Academy.

For the past 5 years HLB hamt has been recognized as one of the fast growing Audit and advisory Organizations in the region, which serves 2000+ clients and expanding their wings to the other parts of the region, where the business owners need the world class services at affordable prices.

I wish HLB Hamt all the success in their future professional endeavors.

Marco Donzelli
CEO, HLB International

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