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Why Hire the Due Diligence Services of a Reputed Company

Exchanging the confidential legal and the financial information of a company after a proper appraisal and review is called due diligence. The parties which are involved in a merger, substantial asset transfer or acquisition, normally exchange their confidential information with the help of this process. It is important that all the companies that are involved […]

Latest update by the Ministry of Finance on VAT implementation in UAE

Ministry of Finance has initiated a series of VAT workshops and key points from the first session conducted are as follows: The effective date is 1st January 2018 as anticipated. 5% is the standard rate confirmed by the ministry. Established “Federal Tax Authority” and two tax laws Tax Procedure Law (for Governance) VAT Law (For […]

Boring and benign or fair and balanced? Raghunath, Lead Consultant HLB HAMT examines what India’s Budget 2016-17 offers

In many ways, India’s Budget 2016, lacks that one element which seems to be all prevalent in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India – Glamour. For a Government that has repeatedly been perceived to be a pro-Corporate “suit-boot ki sarkar”, Budget 2016 has seen a remarkable shift towards getting the fundamentals of the economy in order. […]

Company Registration Dubai

Common challenges in BCM

A huge number of business organizations are struggling to implement BCM or Business Continuity Management. But ideally, this should not be the case, since a standard BCM is not that complicated as it may sound. The goals of BCM program are simple and clear, and can be easily identified. Still, there are umpteen organizations that […]

Business Opportunities in Dubai

Business opportunities in Dubai

Are you an entrepreneur looking for suitable opportunities for your business in Dubai? If yes, then you are right. The UAE is gaining ground as a potential business hub. Dubai has access to the 1.5 billion consumer markets in the West Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, countries of the CIS and the neighboring Middle East. Dubai […]

How to open bank account in Dubai

How to open bank account in Dubai

The procedure to open a bank account in Dubai involves a lot of formalities. A lot of paperwork needs to be filed and processed before a bank account can be opened. In Dubai, the formalities associated with opening a bank account can be extremely stringent. The Basics There will be certain items that are absolutely […]

General Trade License UAE

How to setup business in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is something that is always encouraged by the authorities. This is the reason why the city has started attracting the attention of the entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts who are attracted by the economic stability in the global market. The present market tendencies in Dubai offer lot of chances for the […]

Company Registration UAE

Types of company registration process available in UAE

The United Arab Emirates welcomes businesses and companies to start operating within their country. However, a company needs to be registered so that they can be considered legitimate business. There are many kinds of registrations available for businesses in the UAE. A company should be registered with the correct license according to the requirements or […]

What is the difference between Free Zone and Offshore?

While conducting business in the United Arab Emirates, it is important for a company to be familiar with the concepts of free zone and offshore. An organization will need to understand the difference between these two types of companies so that the business can smoothly proceed. Each of these types can offer certain liberties to […]

ERP Implementation and Consulting Services

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource planning. ERP software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments. ERP vendors have expanded into applications such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, and industry verticals. The importance of ERP implementation services is growing in leaps and bounds. This system has earned a name […]

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